Welcome – into 2018!

The year starts with a significant transition for me, its great to be back home, and yet I feel like I can safely call Harlem home – away from home. Thank you to my #GHC family that made 2017 an exciting and fulfilling experience in the Big Apple!

GHC – Would you believe it? I have been privileged to be a fellow, and alumni, and most recently staff (and now, staff alumni). What’s left – well, I will be looking to become a fellow supervisor, and continue to push for alumni inclusion on the GHC board – as a voice of the community. GHC continues to be one of the most exciting career decisions of my life. I continue to oscillate between health and technology, but make no mistake, while I love computers, I love people more.

ICT & FOSS – Uganda won the bid to host #IDLELO7 and the event was a success. This year, we take the conversation down south to Durban – FOSSFA, KZN and the Durban University of Technology will partner to host the 8th African Summit on FOSS and the Digital Commons.  I still think we are ripe for the injection into community that an event such as this brings into the ICT sector, particularly in discussing the promotion and advocacy for Free and Open Source Software, in Uganda, and indeed in Africa. The work of FOSSFA remains dear to me, and I will continue to remain active in my support of the mission of the foundation.

LEADERSHIP – I am delighted to share that starting Dec 2016, I launched an executive and leadership coaching program – I have been privileged to work with individuals and teams at Watoto Ministries using the Management Center toolkit. I believe strongly that leadership can be a unique lever of change, and when considered can result in exceptional results for both managers and those they lead.

Medic Mobile – I joined Medic Mobile as a Senior Projects Manager, Africa Region this January. Based in Kampala, this role is exciting and special to me. Formerly FrontlineSMS:Medic, the Medic Mobile toolkit combines decision support for frontline care, prioritization for home visits and follow-ups, smart messaging, and actionable analytics for managers. The tools we build are free, open-source, and deployed at scale in the last mile of healthcare. Evidence-based workflows come together in the software to support health workers and families – helping to ensure safe deliveries, track outbreaks, treat illnesses door-to-door, keep stock of essential medicines, communicate about emergencies, and more. Most of all, I am excited to support a vision for the CHWMS and integrations to DHIS2 and OpenMRS, among other exciting projects

What else is on my radar? John Maxwell Leadership Team – Executive Coaching and I have that nagging  CGEIT Certification. Well, the door is not closed yet, so I guess am still considering that PhD.

As always, I place my other random thoughts on the Blog page, you are welcome to read along.