Welcome –

Its a climax of the familiar rollercoaster ride, starting our with Ella’s 7th Birthday, and ending in the most exciting back to back events.

GHC – Would you believe it? This month, I join the GHC team as Alumni Program Manager. This is one of the most exciting career decision of my life. I continue to oscillate between health and technology, but make no mistake, while I love computers, I love people more.

The Alumni Corp will take on a new annual strategy of exciting events and community engagement activities, for the movement to health equity. GHC Alumni are critical to the mission of mobilising a community of emerging leaders to build the movement for health equity. Given GHC’s growth trajectory, there are now more alumni than fellows, providing an amazing opportunity for us to harness our collective experience and determine how we can best work towards improving the health of those most in need, both in our own countries and beyond.

ICT – Uganda won the bid to host #IDLELO7 and the event was a success. We have handed the baton over to Durban, South Africa, where the University of Technology will gather us again, in 2018, for the 8th African Summit on FOSS and the Digital Commons.  I still think we are ripe for the injection into community that an event such as this brings into the ICT sector, particularly in discussing the promotion and advocacy for Free and Open Source Software, in Uganda, and indeed in Africa. The work of FOSSFA remains dear to me, and I will continue to remain active in my support of the mission of the foundation.

Meanwhile, the National IT Authority of Uganda has challenged the ICT Association of Uganda to step up its work and operations to fill a significant void in the regulation of sector professionals in Uganda. As a member of the board, I am interested in experiences around managing/regulating professionals. Do share if you have any.

LEADERSHIP – I think I am going to start an executive and leadership coaching something – I want to raise my kids to standout among their peers, and I think I need to start here.

What else is on my radar? John Maxwell Leadership Team – Executive Coaching and I have that nagging  CGEIT Certification.

This Dec, I should receive the award for MBA – International Business. Crossing fingers on those assignments and long nights. PhD? Not sure.

As always, I place my thoughts on the Blog page, you are welcome to read along.