Welcome to February -

The second month represents a breather from the heat in Kampala.

GHC – GHC 2015/16 Class applications will be closed on the 3rd of Feb. This class is bigger and better, and I am excited about the new blood that is joining the movement for Health Equity. As Global Health Corp Alumni Country President of the GHC Uganda Chapter, this is an exciting opportunity, because the Alumni Corp will have a new class join us in 6 months.

GHC alumni are critical to the mission of mobilizing a community of emerging leaders to build the movement for health equity. Given GHC’s growth trajectory, there are now more alumni than fellows, providing an amazing opportunity for us to harness our collective experience and determine how we can best work towards improving the health of those most in need, both in our own countries and beyond.

FOSSFA – Last month, I was honoured to be selected to the FOSSFA Council, for the 3rd term in a row. I will continue to add my voice to the promotion and advocacy for Free and Open Source Software, in Uganda, and indeed in Africa. The work of FOSSFA remains dear to me, and I will continue to remain active in my support of the mission of the foundation.

LEADERSHIP - I feel very strongly that I am on a learning path to hone my leadership skills. This month I will continue to read John Maxwell, participate in board meetings. I am at the helm of a continent wide organisation and I cant believe how unskilled and unschooled I was when i first accepted to be the leader. Perhaps I am rediscovering myself and I am eternally honored to have people who believe in my leadership skills.

What else is on my radar?

Office 365 Summit in Johannesburg; Meetings Africa Hosted Buyer Program, Johannesburg; MBA Semester 1 exams will wind up this week.

As always, I place my thoughts on the Blog page, you are welcome to read along.