Welcome – into August 2018!

The month is a most exciting month for me –

ICT & FOSS – Next month, we take the conversation down south to Durban – FOSSFA, KZN and the Durban University of Technology will partner to host the 8th African Summit on FOSS and the Digital Commons.  I still think we are ripe for the injection into community that an event such as this brings into the ICT sector, particularly in discussing the promotion and advocacy for Free and Open Source Software, in Uganda, and indeed in Africa. The work of FOSSFA remains dear to me, and I will continue to remain active in my support of the mission of the foundation, but having served 10 years on the council and executive, I feel that my time of service has come to an end and it is time to prop and support a new crop of leadership.

Kampala Leadership School –KLS has formally completed its second class – and we completed with a bang, a certificate ceremony for participants of our first 2 classes. I can safely say we are onto making lots and lots of KLS Logo#bettermanagers. In the past 2 months, we have explored partnerships with Clarity4D and are also looking to ratify our relationship with the Management Center. This month we will conduct our first Fast Track  – over 2 weekends, and make updates to our program for October-November, our 3rd and final 2018 cohort.  I am delighted to share that we have completed our first organizational works – and are on track to support 2 more by year’s end. We are fully registered (organization and tax), as the Kampala Leadership Hub Ltd. but will continue to carry the name we have come to fall in love with – the Kampala Leadership School. I believe strongly that leadership can be a unique lever of change, and when considered can result in exceptional results for both managers and those they lead.

Medic Mobile – This month, my work will take me into the depths of using SMS for client focused care at the community level. One of the reasons I love Medic Mobile is my work goes beyond deploying technology tool- I actually get to care for and worry about whether our tools contributed massive impact to metrics such as: How many women actually delivered in a Health facility? How many child assessments were completed successfully within 72 hours of symptom onset? Why? Because there’s lives behind the bits and bytes of technology, and indicators are not enough to say my work is making a great contribution. Ask me about how the Medic Mobile toolkit, formerly FrontlineSMS:Medic, combines decision support for frontline care, prioritization for home visits and follow-ups, smart messaging, and actionable analytics for managers. The tools we build are free, open-source, and deployed at scale in the last mile of healthcare. Evidence-based workflows come together in the software to support health workers and families – helping to ensure safe deliveries, track outbreaks, treat illnesses door-to-door, keep stock of essential medicines, communicate about emergencies, and more. Most of all, I am excited to support a vision for the CHWMS and integrations to DHIS2 and OpenMRS, among other exciting projects

This month, KLS contributed cash and management training to the Kahill Seed Fund Initiative – an idea that I carried for a while, and when i was distracted with the rest of life happening, my firebrand friend, Patricia Kahill was on the ground executing. Young People can congregate around a shared vision such as raising small patient capital to support businesses of young people. I am so excited about this. I offered to take the first 4 participants into the Management Class’ fast track program. I hope that the Seed Funds’s application to the DFCU investment club will yield positively.

GHC – Still one of my favourite communities, and always growing. Just last month, 28 new fellows were added to the Uganda community. I helped to recruit for this class, and I will happily serve as a community mentor to 2 fellows. I will also be looking to support the Alumni community in some advisory role. I have been privileged to be a fellow, and alumni, staff and most recently staff alumni! What’s left – well, I will be looking to become a fellow supervisor, and continue to push for alumni inclusion on the GHC board – as a voice of the community. GHC continues to be one of the most exciting career decisions of my life. I continue to oscillate between health and technology, but make no mistake, while I still love computers, I loooove people.

What else is on my radar? There is a little idea that Fifi has been playing with, its called Haven Kid’s Salon – Haven launches this month, on the Saturday the 4th! Except, there’s more to the eye – its a catchment for parents who want to find out about Child Counselling, Child-minder training; insights about child protection policies and all things to do with, as my friend, and owner of an amazing Kindergarten, raising amazing children.

As always, I place my other random thoughts on the Blog page, you are welcome to read along.