So its February 14th – Valentine’s Day,

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So its February 14th – Valentine’s Day, and it sure is going to be red and all…But what does it really mean? To love the way we celebrate the day, what does it really mean? I know its just 24hours, and by no means can you suppose to package all your undying love into such a miserly tiny speck of time.

So i wonder, all the flowers, and chocolate bars – if they cannot embody how much you love, why not say it. What does it really mean our loved one?

Well, i went to the book, yes, the book, thats been there the longest, and had the biggest influence of all books. In there, i found the familiar ‘Love is Patient, Love is Kind’ passage in 1Corinthians 13.

But in the same book, there is the atypical Romans 12: verse 9 to 21. Here its Love in Action! Pure Simple.

My challenge to us all, is, as we celebrate Valentine’s today, How much of our Love is really Action? Afterall, if we do it everyday, it will become a habit – and individuals will be changed. Daughters will gleen sacrifices of their mothers, and happilly grow into them. Sons will understand honor, from their fathers. Families will be changed, communities transformed, villages turned on their heads – nations, will smile at their former selves.

Love will Change the World – one act at a time.


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So last night, on NTV (local TV Station) a guy show was premiered. Presidential Suite of the Sheraton Kampala Hotel – first place to impress! Especially considering that the show’s entree was Sex, the camera shot of petals in the bath tub, i just went like hmmmm…sweeeeet!

But that’s to sell you short, Collin, Joseph and Ransom (the only Married) did a splendid job for a first show. They concentrated on basics – Food, Freedom and Sex. Its Men we are talking about, so Sex was always going to be on the cards. Its a basic need for guys. Pure, Simple, Raw!

Collin – a single, self-celebrated wild horse, spilled a few hints about his ideal evenings, ladies, you better be careful. Collins is self-confessed ‘catch-me-if-u-can’ or as he mildly put it, “if you can run with me, lets go”! He cooks, and he firmly believes Good Sex has everything to do with a good position…

Ransom, a father of 3, epitomizes a good man. Committed, Smart, a Father. He seemed to have his head screwed on right – and am pretty sure his wife prepared him somethin… He simply left us wanting to peek more into his family. Understand how he orchestrates all that music – fine music, is how he painted his life. Impressive!

Joseph, hmmm. I kinda wonder what kind of Man he really is. His views were warm, and he seemed advanced in age, but he is unmarried. So he mostly spoke from perceived experiences. He dropped a bomb shell about MEN having to detach themselves from their mothers’ cooking. I know this is a hard nut to crack for most women.

Peter Igaga, did a great moderation job. He wasn’t quite sure what Great Sex is to him, despite asking the same of the 3. So i can tell that this bunch of guys are going to be a great cast in themselves.

So, are these the only basics in a man’s life? Can a man ultimately be down to these 3 – Sex, Food and Freedom? How about money? Not basic enough? Are we that simple? And still women like to creep into our minds to try and decipher. Little wonder, i could not avoid the hot question, from a tweeter friend – were Sex, Food and Freedom in any particular order? I wonder, is it important that your woman knows which order these 3 come, in as far as you are concerned? Would this order represent priority or preference? Are the 2 even distinct?



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I didnt make this up, but being a man, and heavily subscribing to its contents, i thought, a lady who might want to read my blog might want to be reminded…. Read the rest of this entry »