Holy Water, Where thou art?

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Today is the first sunday of November, and in my church, we share Holy Communion every first Sunday. Ofcourse, and quite understandably, the body of Christ is represented by bread and u guessed right, the Blood, by Juice! Yes. Fresh juice diluted to taste…in a 30-40ml personal drinking mini tumbler.

Its a time to reflect, on what Christ did for us on the cross, when he gave his life. So it serves perfectly to remind me of that foundational truth in christianity. Am sounding a bit like a pastor huh, but follow me for a bit…

FFWD to early evening, as i drive my family back from a visitation afternoon, i drive past this church in Kampala, Mulago, where multitudes of Jesus’ (through the Prophet Kakande) followers carry with them water. Yes, only this time, its in the greatest multiplier possible – tens of litres, in small jerrycans.

You name it, old and young, all sorts of women and men, right there before my eyes – with yellow, green and white jerrycans. This is a different kind of water, because folklore has it that it is healing water. I must admit, i have never visited the church, so i have, at best, a wall fly’s vantage point. But its strongly rumoured, that this water will bring about all sorts of miracles in the life of its owner.

Am sure God uses all sorts of people – the all-mighty wife-snatching murderer, and King David, descended from a Prostitute! Moses a stummering murderer, Jacob a birth-rite thief and liar, Joshua – outright crazy, to try to fight with God, and you…, yeah you!

When it comes to the things God uses, there has always been contention here – for Moses, the light bulb was a burning bush that never got consumed. For Noah, it was a ship like never before, for Moses, it was a slithery stick and for the disciples of the early church, Peter’s shadow was suffice to cause healing. My Pastor even insists, God will use my money well, and wont reward me for it, if my heart aint right.

Infact my house-help, with islamic background tells me, if she went thru a fast, and prayed 5 times a day, all her sins would be wiped away – just like that!

Question is, would you carry water to a man of God so that he can pray for the water, and the water becomes used of God? Would you? 

I have probably not painted the context fully, but there is quite some “Church Politics” amongst Pentecostal churches in Uganda, 3 prominent ones involved in an on-going court case, one other(subject of the church in text) accused of demonic powers (again, un-confirmed reports), a dusted case of an “electrifying” pastor, and a female one who once had a husband issue – to cut the story short, its near devilish irony to be a pastor in Kampala.

So while you decide on the water, for as long as you live in Kampala, your Pastor is also somethin that people will scrutinize – afterall, we will easily know if your pastor prefers water, long overnight prayers, media publicity like a personalized plate on a (was it donated?) HUMMER, or class and swag in form of jeans on a Sunday!

I pondered about the water used to dilute the juice i had today, wondering if it was holy “enough” – b’coz when i saw tens of litres being carried home, i nearly begged to have some sprinkled on my metal-ochestrating car… perhaps it would be healed.

Imagine Me…

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Tell me what you think…Jaci Valesquez

As long as stars shine down from heaven

And the rivers run into the sea

Til the end of time forever

You’re the only love I’ll need In my life

you’re all that matters In my eyes the only truth I see

When my hopes and dreams have shattered

You’re the one that’s there for me

When I found you I was blessed And I will never leave you, I need you

Chorus: Imagine me without you

I’d be lost and so confused I wouldn’t last a day, I’d be afraid Without you there to see me through

Imagine me without you Lord, you know it’s just impossible Because of you, it’s all brand new

My life is now worthwhile I can’t imagine me without you

When you caught me I was falling

You’re love lifted me back on my feet It was like you heard me calling

And you rush to set me free

When I found you I was blessed And I will never leave you, I need you


When I found you I was blessed And I will never leave you, I need you oh


I can’t imagine me without you