My passion for ICT – I dont know where quite to place it, but the first time i knew i wanted to work around computers and technology was in Kibuli Secondary School – when i was part of the first few members of the “Computer Club” – a significant investment by any school – in 1998.  At University, I nearly lost my dream, but manouvered a bit to get merit scholarship for Bachelor of Science with a Computer Science Major. I completed ICDL in a single semester, and scoring all 5s in the first semester courses – I knew i had arrived! There was no looking back, there has been none. 

At Uganda Chartered HealthNet, I was introduced to mobile devides – PDAs – being used for HouseHold/Survey Data Collection. This was exciting. The African Access Point became a focal piece of open sourced technology at the centre of the Uganda Health Information Network as well as AED Satellife’s HealthNet Project. The sourcecode for the AAP was opensource. Back then I didn’t quite understand that, but stints in Ghana and Nigeria got me scripting/hacking Pendragon Forms. Now that was really exciting. By September 2009, I was fully exposed to Free and Open Source Software, and I left UHIN to join the International Health Sciences University, as ICT Manager. 

My exposure with FOSS and the local FOSS Community got me into managing the ICT Department at IHSU – a very exciting opportunity – to find a young University whose Software Policy is simply – Linux! I plugged into EACOSS, joined the FBT Community following FOSSFA/GIZ program – ict@innovation – and later began serving on the Council and Executive of the Free and Open Source Software Foundation for Africa

In 2013, we migrated the University Email systems to Google Apps for Education. This was a big leap, driven mostly by the University’s enormous need to meet the communication needs of its ever increasing non resident student body, moreover on a very lean budget. Google also has the GASP (Examples 1; 2) Program from which educational institutions can benefit. I was always a proud gmail user, but managing corporate email for 1500 clients, via Google Apps was such a beautiful efficient , albeit uncharted transition. 

We also set up a thin client on Linux, which we found to be a first. While there, I also dived deep into the world of Social Media – for corporate image. Today, I work in small teams to build Drupal Websites for startups and small NGOs, who I offer social media integration for free. I will happily set up any organisation for an all Linux exclusive ICT backbone.

So in a nutshell, am an Linux Admin with a passion for Mobile and Social Media, and uses everything Google!

February 2014, 
Kampala, Uganda

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    Kamukama Allan said:
    August 19, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    Wow just what we really need, a consultancy firm on open source. Great, keep it coming Brian

      softsolutions2010 said:
      September 29, 2010 at 7:07 pm

      Thanks Allan.
      Sometimes, when you think your housemaid is not cooking well, firing her is NOT the solution. You wait when she is out of the way, and you cook an ideal meal, and you let her taste it!

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