2013 – The Uganda Declaration

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So most of last year was crowned with #UgandaAt50, and in 2013, i hit the year running, i didnt get a chance to write. Today, i find, there is no better way to redeem myself, than the famous Uganda Declaration of 2012. Setting right the next 50 years…

On this day Sunday the 7th of October in the year of our Lord 2012, we the people of Uganda come before the Lord in a solemn convocation.
We have come before the Lord for the past 50 days, in fasting, weeping and mourning, humbling ourselves before the Lord God in repentance for our sins as a nation. We recognize that 50 years ago as Uganda was being born, we did not stand in the gap and dedicate our nation to the Lord. We did not seek the Lords face and His blessing over our nation.

Instead, we the people and our leaders, made covenants with the kingdom of darkness, we trusted in witchcraft, incantations and sorcery. We handed over our nation to wickedness and we have paid a dear price for those agreements. In the first 50 years of our existence as a nation, Uganda has experienced every form of evil and calamity. We have suffered civil war, bloodshed, turmoil and insecurity. We have been plagued with epidemics and diseases.

We have endured the reproach of poverty, shame and degradation. Over the years the name Uganda has been associated with disease, war and poverty. O Lord we recognize the cause of all our calamity as a nation is that we did not put our trust in you from the very founding of our nation.

But in Your mercy and loving kindness You did not leave us alone. Even in our darkest seasons, You drew near to us and revealed Yourself to us as a people. You sent Your Spirit to stir up revival and bring the Light of the Gospel to Uganda. You raised up faithful intercessors that stood in the gap and prayed for Uganda to come out of the darkness and into Your marvelous Light. You delivered us from war; You saved us from HIV/AIDS; You did not allow us to be cut off forever. With a strong hand and outstretched arm; You saved us from the garbage heap of history; You redeemed us and brought us back from the pit and from the grave. We are standing here today, because of Your Mercy, Love and Grace.

This day, as we gather here before You from every walk of life, we confess Father the sins and failures of our past. We ask You to forgive us for the iniquity that we and our ancestors have walked in. And we ask You to cleanse us as a nation and a people by the Blood of Jesus and cover the multitude of our sins. Father, as we approach the spiritual gate called Jubilee, we cry out to You for mercy and for Grace. On our own we are not able to stand but we know that by Your Grace You can make us stand and not fall. We pray, that today will be a new beginning, a fresh start for us as Ugandans, a people in covenant with the Most High God.

Therefore this day we as Ugandans come into agreement and renounce the following:

  • We renounce the abominable spirit of idolatry, sorcery, witchcraft and all manner of wickedness
  • We renounce the abominable acts of human sacrifice and cannibalism
  • We renounce the spirit of adultery, fornication, polygamy, homosexuality, prostitutionadultery,manner of sexual immorality and infidelity
  • We renounce domestic violence, child abuse, neglect, divorce and separation
  • We renounce drunkenness, drug abuse and every form of substance abuse
  • We renounce corruption, nepotism and cronyism
  • We renounce selfishness, self-hatred, lack of patriotism and lack of love for our country
  • We renounce the poverty mindset and defeatism
  • We renounce debt and dependence on donor aid
  • We renounce lack of vision and lack of planning of planning
  • We renounce the lack of respect for public property and public space
  • We renounce disorder, chaos, poor sanitation and garbage disposal
  • We renounce confusion, quarrels, wasting time and laziness
  • We renounce crime, begging, racketeering and gangs
  • We renounce apathy and the vagabond spirit
  • We renounce disunity,riots, division, political upheaval and unrest
  • We renounce assassinations murder and bloodshed,
  • We renounce tribalism and all manner of religious sectarianism
  • We renounce the spirit of rebellion and cessation
  • We renounce the spirit of political intrigue and violence during political transition

And with one voice and one heart, we declare that:
Uganda is the heart of Africa and will take her place as a prophet nation in the continent of
Africa. Lord give us the boldness to be Your Voice In Africa, and let the Truth of Your Word ring
out across the world.

Uganda is a land where the heavens kiss the earth and the possibilities are as broad as the horizon. Uganda is a land where the African sun is tamed and the rain gently waters the earth. A land divided by rivers, lakes and streams. Uganda is a nation where the peoples’ faces are warm and kind and their welcome is genuine. Our hearts are true and our word is our bond. 

We dedicate all the mountains of our society to the Lord God. May they be established on the Rock of our Salvation. The mountain of the Church, the mountain of Family, the mountain of Education, the mountain of Media, the mountain of Arts and Entertainment, the mountain of Economy and the mountain of Government. Father, Let Your Kingdom come and may Your will be done in Uganda. Let Uganda rise up as the first nationally transformed nation in the world.  Lord, establish Uganda and let the world come to the Light of our Rising. Surround Uganda as with a shield; rejoice over this nation in Your Love. Father defend our cause amongst the nations of the world. We cry out to You to restore all the years that the locust and cankerworm stole. Father we cry out RESTORE!

Father, let the Church in Uganda be a transformational Church, that takes the gospel of the Kingdom to all the world. Father build the Body of Christ in Uganda and let the Lordship of Christ be evident for all to see. Let the world know the Church by our love.

We dedicate every family in this country into Your Hands Father, reign over our families and let the true image of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be mirrored in our families. Lord, we speak to those children yet unborn, that they will live in peace in Uganda and that they will be free to pursue their God given dreams and unlock their full human potential in this nation.

Father we dedicate our Media to You, let this be a tool in Your Hands instead of a weapon in the hands of the enemy. Let the Media in Uganda be a voice for Africa, and let Truth be told without prejudice. Let our Media be a force for good, for encouragement and for telling a new story in Uganda. Your Story of Restoration.

Father we entrust our Education to You, we ask that the greatest goal of our education system is to disciple future generations in the fear of the Lord. For we know that if that is our foundation, You will establish our education system and the fruit will be wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Establish our education system on a sound foundation that will instill character, responsibility and virtue so that our children and nation will be exceedingly blessed.

O Lord, we dedicate our Arts, Culture and Entertainment to You. Let them reflect your attributes, wisdom, majesty and power. Let the beauty of Africa be seen in the world. Lord for so long, Africans have despised what is theirs and loved what is foreign, but we pray that You will redeem all areas of our arts, music, fashion, entertainment and culture and let us be a blessing to the nations. Let us discover who we are in Christ and shine that light in the world.

Uganda is a nation where gold is as common as stones and silver as the sand. Our economy is founded on the corner stone of Jesus Christ, we will never be shaken. The value of our currency is pegged to the Name of the Most High God, we are forever strengthened.

Father, remove and cancel the burden of debt from our economy, reverse the age-old trends, let us lend to many nations and not borrow. We dedicate the forces of our demand and supply, we give our markets to You Lord, remove the reproach of poverty from our people. Even as You usher in unprecedented prosperity, such as the world has never seen, we pray that our eyes will never focus on our wealth, but instead let our greatest wealth and inheritance
be our loving relationship with the Most High God.

The Lord appoints our leaders; they serve the nation with the servant heart of Jesus Christ. Righteousness and Justice be established in our government and the cry of the widow, orphan or destitute shall never be ignored. Our judges, legislature and executive work together for the good of the people. They serve the country with excellence and put the needs of the people before any personal gain. Our leaders rule over us righteously, ruling in the fear of the

The light dawns on Uganda like the morning sun rises on a cloudless day and the grass springs forth out of the earth, through the clear shining after the rain. We dedicate our nation to You Most High God, from the Rising of the Sun to the going down of the same, we dedicate every city, town, hamlet into Your Loving Hands. Of those that are and those that are yet to be established.

Lord we speak to the ground, and command it to release the wealth and resources that You laid up for us from the foundation of the earth. Lord, the
resources You have bestowed on this country, are a blessing to the people of Uganda, they will be fully utilized to bless the people of Uganda. The vast minerals in the ground, the oil wealth, the agricultural produce, the energy to power Africa and the world, all our resources are dedicated to the Lord.

The greatest resource we have as a nation is our human resource and the potential of our people will be developed beyond all else. Lord we speak to the heavens and command the rain to fall in season, and the sun to shine in the right season, so that Uganda will fulfill her calling of being the bread basket of Africa and the world. We will feed the world and our stores will always be overflowing. Father we speak to the wind, the thunder, the lightning, the
land beneath our feet. We command that the earth will no longer vomit its inhabitants through landslides, floods and other natural disasters. Father bring peace between us and this good land. Give us the ability to possess it and harness all its vast resources for the service of mankind and the glory of God.

Father, we speak to each other as brothers and we ask that You will bring a true spirit of brotherhood over all the people of Uganda. Let true brotherhood and unity spread over the member states of the entire East African Community and finally the frontiers of the whole African community. Lord it is You who set the boundaries of our habitation, You determined that we should live on this continent, therefore Father, we ask that You will make us one people as Africans. Remove the dividing walls between tongue, tribe and creed. Unite us Father under the never fading banner of Jesus Christ and the Love of God.

We cry out to You Father and ask You to give us peace, Lord let us enter into Your rest. Father seal this covenant in the Blood of Jesus and may the Lord mediate this covenant in Love, Truth, and Faithfulness until Yeshua ( Jesus ) returns.

Now that’s what i call setting up a future! The question is always going to be if we are willing to keep our end of the bargain…i guess, as Obama just recently concluded, so help me God!

All these 11s

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So today is 11/11/11, and its sure generating quite a big fuss about it…

I wonder why…so i woke up this morning and determined to find how many 11s. Not sure i will be able to post this at exactly 11:11, but i will try…

The most commonly seen format of 11s is that of 11:11 seen on a digital clock, a side note is that due to the 24 hour format they may also see 23.11 popping in too. Suddenly, we start to think that that this number sequence means something important to us, yet we struggle to comprehend just what exactly, let alone justify the sensationalism.

This morning, my favourite radio presenter dished cash to a caller who shares a birthday with her mother, on 11/11. Just like that…

Yesterday, as i helped a colleague at work, she had a book about the significance of Millenial days, and after a quick perusal, its amazing the spiritual significance attached to this day. I just didn’t know its such a big deal.

Its rumoured a large number of people will be at ancient sited allover the world, hoping to coincide with some phenomenon at about 11am local time. The Irony is that 11am local time will only be local. If there was something more globally synchronized to happen then the extra terrestrial being in charge of such a phenomenon would have to chose which timezone to refer to.

If yo living in the US, 9/11 is a sure memory. In Kampala,  7/11 was – still is! Elevens of terror!
there is an 11:11 magazine and talk radio – http://www.1111mag.com/
there is a trivia game about 11 – http://www.purposegames.com/game/number-trivia-11
there is a confusing article about the number 11 and its astrological significance  – http://2012rising.com/article/1111-2012

So Are there any trivia about the number 11, and its variants?
Well K is the 11th letter of the alphabet.
11 is the 11th number. (right? self reference is acceptable, huh)

So why am i stuck with my 11 trivia? Simple, because its just another day!
Wake up, be nice, Go to work, be excellent, live your life and make sure u get to bed sometime before 11:11pm.

Resumption of Duty

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I think i need to get back to what i was like before March 2011.

A lot of things have changed since then, but so has the frustration inside of me – of my lack of consistency in my private life. I must admit, i didnt think the passing of my mother would actually de-rail me this much.

But here i am, struggling to do the things i love to do. And not doing the things i used to do, but thats because something in me changed. More like something in me gave way, or is it, that i lost it, I wonder.

So am hoping that with this very intentional step, my presumption of duties, will yield the results i am hoping for.