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Exactly 2yrs ago, my dear mom passed away.


She remains a woman of influence in my life, and I remain a son in awe. This year, i have had several recollections of her, have imagined her in the midst of everything that is happening in my life now, and I keep wondering what her reaction would be – that is to the news. Her reaction to non-news items is typically predictable – love people, honor family, work hard, and don’t stop!

Today, my mood is sombre, my heart is warm, because as i think about that morning, there is one other thing that i realise is typical of her – pray! We prayed, a simple prayer, as we delivered breakfast on that Sunday Morning. The hospital corridor was eerie, atleast in Uganda’s National Referral Hospital. Chilly, as this morning. She had slept well, only with a minor problem. When we arrived, Auntie Justine had helped her freshen up, and she could sit. She was impressed that we were early, and that we’d cooked.

Before the sun peeked thru, she asked, ”Lets Pray!”

You see prayer we sometimes take for granted, sometimes we say it rushed, other times, its rhetoric, almost always, we recite it. And to an extent, that’s what i did. But i did ask God for healing. For Her. 4hrs later, she breathed her last.

I keep wondering, if she was here what would she do with my circumstances right now? How would she react to the things we have done since she’s been away? Would she be happy with the way we have treated each other? Would she be happy with the new opportunities around us? What would she be up to? How would her own life have changed?

That’s when i remember, what she always did consistently – love people, honor family, work hard and pray! This year, that is what am going to do.