Jennifer Musisi

Save My City!

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So its official, Kampala might as well be called Boda Central! When you are named Banana Republic, then you can understand why so many things go rotten quickly, and why its always slippery if you step on the peels.

I am sick to my stomach, and angry at the sight of a Police Officer (Director of Operations) standing on a make shift stage, along side an unidentified man, who is rallying Boda Boda cyclists against the impending registration and re-ordering of their operation within the city; and ordering the Capital City Authority to withdraw the registration instructions.

Who is this man? Does he live in Kampala? How long has he lived in Kampala? How many Boda Bodas does he have? How much, in taxes, does he pay every year? How much has he actually paid, proof of which he has? Am just trying to establish the moral and positional authority, especially on behalf of the 3.5 million persons who live in Kampala, against which he can stand and order disobedience of a public instruction of a city authority…

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Oh (all) for Pete’s sake…

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What were you doing up at 3 am, in order for you to know your votes were being stolen (or his being stuffed)?
And how come you do not have any individual arrested at that time? Yet you were there?

You insist voting started at 4am, were you there to confirm? If so, did you check the ballot box and it was empty? If not, why did you proceed with voting? If not, then recall your statement that voting began that early. You are just speculating, you are not any different from Election observers!

And why is it that after the stuffing, you now want one person disqualified? Oh give me a break, did you see him stuff? do you have any decent proof other than paranoia?

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