Happy New Year

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To all my family and friends,

I just want to wish you a happy new year. I know we do it every year, and it seems to have become rhetoric, but NO, i seriously do wish you a happy new year.

Here’s my list of wishes for you:

Love – even for your enemies,

Joy – At all times in this year,

Peace – that surpasses all understanding,

Patience – Because others had to wait for you at some point, give back!,

Kindness – it really doesn’t kill,

Gentleness – because it speaks of courage and love,

Faithfulness – because it speaks of integrity and truth,

Goodness – because its a nice currency to pay back,

Self Control – because you can do everything, if you try,

Wisdom – the fear of the Lord? Sure it is!,

Health – because money cant buy it,

Strength – to move on, and to get up, if u fall,

Wealth – so that you may be a blessing to others. 

Its a f***kin broken system!

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I know you must be wondering, how I could use that word. Well, what word do you really think am using? Check the spelling again, I might be right, and the converse is true!

The pole used to hang the drip is rusty, the rollers cannot ever be re-used. 1 doctor walks by, gloved, even unto the face. Its a silent way of saying, the rest of us carry with us the filth of the earth.

A door way – is a prime spot, 3 beds in a row! A chalk board, has gibberish – to a guest – after all you would expect it to tell you which patient is where.

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