1 Million US Dollars

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This is a big figure, whichever way you want to look at it. If you still doubt it, lets get some context going…

At 2455 UGX for each benjamin, that’s a whooping 2,523,740,000UGX – in words, Two Billion, five hundred twenty three million, seven hundrend forty thousand Ugandan shillings. 50,475 notes of 50,000/= each.

That’s my gross salary for 1009 and half months – just over 84 years! Considering that I started earning this gross salary only a few months ago, I have to live close to 120 years to ever make that money – and still, almost 40% of it would remain black holed into PAYE and NSSF!!!

Simple – I will never live to make that kind of money, atleast while still at my day job!

This figure will go down in books of history, as the first donation of its kind by a sub-saharan african church, to 3 churches outside of the boundaries of its own country! Watoto Church has just given away over 1 Million USD to Israel, Burundi and SouthSudan, for the purpose of building the church in the 3 capitals.

In a country where 64.5% of the population live on 2 USD and below – source – how is it that some 20,000 or so faithful givers have the means to raise 1 Million USD? In a country where there is no money, or atleast we have come to believe it, where do these christians get this much?

My Miracle Missions Offering

So it was a miracle missions offering – interesting! This money was all given as individuals, men women, husbands and wives, parents and children, companies sought to give an offering to missions, for a miracle.

Ok here is why this is mind boggling. If these christians would do it, imagine if 10 churches in Uganda, gave 500,000 USD in miracle offerings – imagine what that would do. To the spirit of Generosity, the breaking of the bonds of greed, and for Ugandans to learn to give – selflessly give.

Imagine what a challenge that would place to the government, to know that a community could mobilize to stock a hospital’s drugs for 1 a whole year, or a church would single-handedly fund a school, for the sake of the children getting off the streets and getting into classrooms. Imagine the challenge it presents to governments and authorities if a community of believers bought a ferry, and reconstructed a landing site?

You might say, that’s the church getting into politics -but what about the problems of the society. It would be great for christians to give 10,000 USD to Bududa Victims. You see the church is not just about the spiritual stuff. The church is very much community. Small groups meeting in a home, iron sharpening iron, small groups praying together, meeting each other’s needs. These small groups were first seen in the early church – read the book of The Acts. These small groups meet once in a week to encourage each other, and to celebrate their Christ. These small groups form a large unit. This Unit raises 1 Million USD. For that amount of money, which church shouldn’t be involved in politics?

Anyhow, What would you do with 1 million USD?




Letter to Micheal Ezra

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Dear Micheal,

This letter is long over due, but in a very interesting twist, perhaps timely relevant. I refuse to believe that our noisy and rough neighbours have an idea where you are, and that they will benefit from that dine in any way possible. They could not contain Al shabaab, surely, they cannot contain us – me and you.

How are you? How have you been? You know, i have long desired to ride on Airforce One, so when i heard that you were about to order a boeing, you should have seen my excitement. a private jet, is surely one way to get closer to that dream. I wonder, what is Uganda’s airforce one called? ekitaaguruuro? naa, anyway, those guys have more words for cows than for technology!

Anyway, i wanted to write to you, so you could toss me one of those blank cheques of yours. See am a decent guy, i work and i live, and am not desperate nor  as greedy as those USPA fellows. They increased their sitting allowance – i hear – , only the meetings were over.

Last night, i had a dream, imagine  – Brian & Ezra -the name, on a door post like they do in Europe, except this would be right here in Kampala. And these guys would not tell the difference between a label and an address of operation. Anyway, thats abit off. Here are my real issues:

i will be 50, before i get my NSSF cash – quickest way to get it is to either get onto that plane you promised, or to die. the honour of a child means that i will live. so while i do, it will pain me to know that my NSSF cash would buy me one of those jomayi plots and quite easily get me half way the building. Because i will no longer be paying rent, i will be able to pay back a small loan to complete. But these guys seem to have better use for my money, and right now, they would rather i live on pea nuts!

Thats where you come in. With your blank cheque, i will be able to actually wipe my rent bill clear, increase my savings, and we would be on the first steps to that label/jet whichever you prefer first.

See i also hate Ms Kagina, and her honchos, you should see my PAYE – if i actually donated it to a select charity every month, Uganda would be far better off.

Other things i could do, lets see –

Start up a little company, whose ground work i have already done here and imagine how we would like to do what Shuttleworth did to Bill Gates? Only this time its, Brian and Ezra. 🙂 Actually, Brian AND Ezra, sounds really nice.

Eh, by the way, we missed you in the elections. Uganda coined a new phrase, Feb 2011 fresh: Election Commercialization! I told them to wait for me and you, we will help them with the DEFINITION. Mpekoni doesn’t quite cut in the Urban Dictionary, but the name Ezra, combined with Brian, ha? Force to reckon with.

Anyhow, so when do we meet, i fear cameras, so i recently bought shades like yours. and i also do not tuck in my shirt  anymore – one thing i sure need to work on is build. if i can get a little taller, and more muscular, then kiwedde! me and you will be the hottest male duo in kampala.

Let me get back to this ka-job, i guess its better to keep it as i wait for your phone call. Tapping? Waaa, am a linux guru, my phone aint tapped, not that easily atleast.

Your future Brian & Ezra Manager,