All these 11s

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So today is 11/11/11, and its sure generating quite a big fuss about it…

I wonder why…so i woke up this morning and determined to find how many 11s. Not sure i will be able to post this at exactly 11:11, but i will try…

The most commonly seen format of 11s is that of 11:11 seen on a digital clock, a side note is that due to the 24 hour format they may also see 23.11 popping in too. Suddenly, we start to think that that this number sequence means something important to us, yet we struggle to comprehend just what exactly, let alone justify the sensationalism.

This morning, my favourite radio presenter dished cash to a caller who shares a birthday with her mother, on 11/11. Just like that…

Yesterday, as i helped a colleague at work, she had a book about the significance of Millenial days, and after a quick perusal, its amazing the spiritual significance attached to this day. I just didn’t know its such a big deal.

Its rumoured a large number of people will be at ancient sited allover the world, hoping to coincide with some phenomenon at about 11am local time. The Irony is that 11am local time will only be local. If there was something more globally synchronized to happen then the extra terrestrial being in charge of such a phenomenon would have to chose which timezone to refer to.

If yo living in the US, 9/11 is a sure memory. In Kampala,  7/11 was – still is! Elevens of terror!
there is an 11:11 magazine and talk radio – http://www.1111mag.com/
there is a trivia game about 11 – http://www.purposegames.com/game/number-trivia-11
there is a confusing article about the number 11 and its astrological significance  – http://2012rising.com/article/1111-2012

So Are there any trivia about the number 11, and its variants?
Well K is the 11th letter of the alphabet.
11 is the 11th number. (right? self reference is acceptable, huh)

So why am i stuck with my 11 trivia? Simple, because its just another day!
Wake up, be nice, Go to work, be excellent, live your life and make sure u get to bed sometime before 11:11pm.