Brian is passionate mostly about 2 things: developing young leaders and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Development. He currently serves as Senior Projects Manager, Africa Region for Medic Mobile.

In 2010, Brian received an achievement award from AED-Satellife – Center for Health and Information Technology, for work related to strengthening Health Information Systems in Uganda, using African Access Points and Mobile Devices. Brian also worked extensively on the use of Mobile devices for household data collection with various projects in Ghana, Nigeria and in Uganda.

During this time, Brian started serving on the council of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa. Brian who continues to serve as the Secretary General has already served 3 terms on the executive committee of the foundation, including overseeing bi-annual summits in Abuja, Nairobi as well as building Africa-wide networks.

In 2013, Brian accepted the annual Global Health Corps Fellowship with Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation supporting Communications and Documentation for the STAR-SW project. Brian has led diverse teams while serving in 2 senior management roles with International Health Sciences University and Watoto Ministries in Kampala.

About this time, Brian was introduced to the Creative Commons movement for which he has remained active in country, and on the continent. In the recent Network restructure, Brian now serves as the Global Network Council Representative for Uganda.

Brian rejoined the Global Health Corps, in New York, where he served as Alumni Program Manager, overseeing program work to support a community of more than 850 global health leaders in more than 35 countries in the world.

Brian has worked on Health programs of a national scale in Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and gained experience working on USAID, UNICEF led projects, alongside international donors, and other implementing organizations.

Brian, who is also a founding member of the ICT Association of Uganda, holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, a Postgrad Diploma in Information Technology and an MBA (International Business) with Amity University of India. When he is not exploring the world through events, Brian will cook meals for family and friends, enjoy a good book, post a blog or play guitar. Brian is a volunteer at his local church with the Creative Arts & Media Teams.

Key Interests

  1. Leadership and Management – Developing leadership skills among young people
  2. Global Communities, Strategy and Operations – Working across borders, and cultures.
  3. ICTs for Development – How ICTs can benefit Non-Profits in Health and Education
  4. Training & Development – Capacity Building, One-on-One Coaching, Mentoring
  5. Community Service & Volunteering – Creating Scalable Models for unemployed youth to serve their communities.

Contacting Brian