Would You Do It?

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At the risk of a little reputational misdemeanour, I recently ventured into a realm unknown. I came face to face with the recipe for how to “immunise” a man from cheating on you ever again.

How? Simple: Get his picture, 2packs of coffee (emwanyi), 2 coins of 200shillings. Sit down in front of a basket of twins (ebibo bya balongo) and ask them to do “the job” according to the pain you have. No white feathers, or tongues of me. Neither goats nor other such fetishes.

Would you do it?

Just add Coffee & Coins...
Just add Coffee & Coins…

Typically, this is not the kind of session you have on your porch, nor on the break of dawn, you have to go to the “jajjas” (Spirits/Mediums) at a location of their favour (Medium’s Business location or “Essabo”). In present day speech, you would have entered the world of witchcraft, no? For someone who has never experienced this, this was as scary as exciting.

Meet Jess (Ofcourse, not real names), mother of 1, separated from her cheating hubby. According to her facebook profile, Jess loves children, believes women don’t cheat and definitely hates cheating men. Tired of living on the fringes, Jess “immunised” the father of her child, away from other women back to herself. She admitted to learning this trick after she had abandoned her marital home, but is now well onto regaining lost ground – thanks to a charm!

Would you do it?

Jess’ determination is solid and is testament to the power of Love. New Dheli is struggling with being the rape capital of the world, and I wonder if we could export a little charm to control all those wayward hormones. But what if Jess’ hubby converted to Islam and was allowed another 3 wives, what then would become of this locking charm that works only one way? Is it safe to assume that this is there fore not common in Islamic communities?

I did ask Jess, what if someone wanted to get cheeky and use this charm selfishly to lock into a threesome or some other combination. No, it doesn’t. I pushed my luck further by asking Jess, as the initiator, if she could accommodate me in her charm. Thankfully, it doesn’t work!  Can you imagine a world where that might be a possibility?

Would you do it?

How about as a parent? Would you pass this down onto your children? Would it fall in the Legacy or Good Advise category?  Would you, at your daughter’s kwanjula give her a set of baskets and some coffee, incase she needs it in her soon-to-be commemorated marriage? As a father, would this comprise your father to son talk?

I believe that the use of spirits and mediums to manage and/or manipulate marriages is a social evil, as much as 50 Shades of Grey! I believe that everyone has in them the power to build and nurture lasting relationships, and that while Jess is confident in her charm, if she does not deal with the reasons of her earlier separation, this is only a band-aid solution. There must be room for communication, and for wise counsel from elderly respectable couples. What about real friends who you can run to with marital challenges, someone, not something to confide in.

What would you do?


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    samara said:
    February 23, 2015 at 6:34 am

    very true i would never present such evil to our children.

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