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A while ago, i posted this blog about my experience with an ISP here in Kampala, and rightly so, i was on the receiving end of a phone call from a “boss” who intimated that the persons who had placed their very lives on the line, to help this frustrated customer, had their jobs “threatened”, and the only thing i needed to do was to save their jobs by taking down the article. I agreed to, because a personal friend used his personal relationships to get me to the help i got, and I valued that. But that did not take away my earlier problem, nor my quest for a solution.

The very insinuation that my blog, notwithstanding its colours,  is a forum used to attack the ISP, was at the very least ignorant, and the repeated questioning of my “intentions” and whether i had achieved “what you intended to get” is at the very best, an insult.

For starters, My blog has existed since 2008, and in all this time, i have interacted with hundreds of service providers, corporates, and individuals alike. You are one of them, and one among many. Deal with the fact that i blog about my experiences!

The call from the person i perceived to be the “boss” of the 2 staff who had helped me, alluded to the fact, and rightly so, that she knew me “from the days of KPC”. Granted, Watoto Church (formerly KPC) has been my home church since 1994, but the idea that having seen or known me at Church means i cannot speak about the pathetic service I go from your employer is annoying. If there is one lesson the church, and its founder taught – Give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceasar, and to God what belongs to God. I might never drape in the regalia of Ceasar, and my face might never make legal tender, but, and i insist, i did not get what was due me.

To this day, there is no logical conclusion to my problem, neither is there any effort by the ISP to “follow-up” on the customer who made such noise. Clearly, taking down the blog, while, i was made to believe would “save someone’s job” has left me int he same position i was in before the complaint was even raised. No where.

Its not usual for people to stretch their personal relationships, on behalf of the company. My personal friend had every right to remain quietly behind his desk and hope that the right department deals with it. Clearly, this ISP has no idea the value of their staff, going beyond departments, and indeed beyond self to help reel in a frustrated customer, known to them. If your staff get threatened because they went out of their way to talk with me, and give me information “illegally” – then, suffice it to note that, you have a culture of intimidation. Of Selfishness, and fear.

I am angry that more than a week later, my post did not result in an internal follow up process, which clearly indicates to me, and the world that we, your customers, are not really that important.

Finally – I owe it to my readers, not you dear ISP, to write what i said i would write, and to do so, in truth, in fairness, and in time. If indeed you have anything against this post, in terms of the accuracy of my experience, at your office, and the resultant information, you are welcome to the comment section of this blog.

One thought on “Selfish Interests

    marzma said:
    December 3, 2012 at 7:32 am

    You these companies always have suggestion boxes and feedback forms that they encourage customers to use “to help them better their service” so … i have used a different fora to tell you about your service that is paid for mind you, you suppress me into taking it down coz “people are losing their jobs” and still do nothing to improve the situation.. my question is then do they do the same thing with our suggestions and complaints that we drop into a box? Are they simply ignored because we will never know who dealt with them. ISPs forget that at the end of the day they are service providers and that that service can be obtained somewhere else, so before you shutdown your customer remember 1 by 1 makes a bundle and with every customer lost that is money u lose.. what happened to the notion “CUSTOMER IS KING”!!!!!!!

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