Just left Nsambya this morning – Chris i

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Just left Nsambya this morning – Chris is in high spirits. Hoping for a discharge in 2 days. Tests still being run are for the Pneumonia – but he will remain on anti-clotting medication for atleast 3 months, possibly 6. His leg is OK, and the surgeon has requested a scan, for review purposes. Because he retains tiny clots allover his system, they have to treat the new infection and keep the old risks at bay. Its so dramatic when we see shows like House MD and Grey’s Anatomy – but they show one thing that is seriously crippling Ugandan doctors – they don’t know how to work as a team, and have no sense of direction or leadership even when they disagree on findings – its a worse pity that nurses at Nsambya are dummies (pun not intended, read description) – they will only do what a doctor said – which is why a Nurse told us that anti-clotting medication was discontinued because of the new infection – something that happened to be interpreted from a Doctor’s stray comment about Chris having Pneumonia after the Chest XRay results came in.
As of this morning, Doctors in his ward are meeting to iron out their disagreements on Chris’ case, as well as their inconsistencies on medication and its duration of dosage. As God heals Chris, he is using him to teach the medics a thing or 2, about their profession