ICT Audit Volunteers Appeal

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Hello there,

I would like to, starting with myself; and my workplace, volunteer (and thereby source) services, skill and time, from people who would like to put their massive experience around ICTs to form a team that is willing to offer pro-bono ICT Audit services, as a way for the ICT community to develop each other.

Whereas I know this is probably someone’s bread and butter, I can only look at the ICT Community and more so our own LUG to find persons who I know will willingly and happily give of 2 half-day Saturdays, to work together to help me review the ICT structure, functions and systems here at IHSU.

Ideally, those people would have shared experiences spread among ICT functions, vital for a University such as Wireless Systems, Websites/Intranets, Server Administration, Networking and Administration.

I would like to do a strategic plan for IHSU’s ICT Department for the next few years, and a comprehensive ICT Audit would go a long way in providing rich input for a document and plan of this nature. For that, I need Alex Kisakye to lead a volunteered team.

What do you think?

Off my head, this team, could then use this experience to ‘audit’ other Universities (if willing) and/or companies that are heavily (or greatly intent on) using Free and Open Source Software.

Hoping to appeal to the entire ICT community.