KONY 2012 – Take 1

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OK, so I have just watched the first 10 minutes of the Video and I must say am impressed with this guy’s work. Ironically, i was listening to a “Friday Panel of Journalists” on KFM 93.3 last evening, and I was unimpressed with Chris Obore’s anger towards America in general, not to mention Timothy Kalyegira’s typical conspiracy theorem alluding to minerals in Karamoja and Black Gold in Bunyoro, as the real keys to the interest that the americans now have in Northern Uganda.

Granted, I would shoot Kony on sight, and ask Ocampo to have a field day trying his body, am sure that too is a criminal. But that’s me. Human, as they come. But so are the children that Kony has displaced, all these years. So are the mothers without lips, who saw their babies head-smashed on trees. How can i forget the van of students from Jimmy Sekasi institute of catering that was set ablaze on the roadside? Or the pots in the junctions, from which limbs were boiling, and an entire village fire razed, in a night of terror? How could i forget?

In the meantime, how could i forget how many Ugandan Army generals, rank in file, took on Kony in one operation after another? 20 something years, and they didn’t deliver, save for a guitar, and a kaunda suit! How many Ugandan forces were killed in that war? How many did we get to know of? relatives, sons, brothers, uncles, fathers…dead at war! But that was after Karuma…

Down in the south? Lets see – 1996 elections, 2001 elections, 2006 elections ….6th to 9th Parliament, billions of dollars in Foreign Aid, Congo, Kisangani, the ICC, a couple of World Cups, i went from S1 thru to University. Yes, that’s the irony, down in the south, life was normal. Everything went on as if…all we had to worry about was the decision to not drive past Karuma Falls.

Simple. Easy. Naive. Hypocritical.

In 30 million Ugandans, and with lots of money siphoned in corruption, we could not find it in us, to create a 30 minute video, simply to tell the world that we had a real problem on our hands? Kenya took the war with Alshabaab to Twitter – nevermind the occasional backlash – and 34 million Ugandans, together, lacked the ingenuity, basic creativity , if you ask me, to leverage global connectivity and be able to share a real problem on our hands…

…Now we sit, perched on our nests, and point to americans and shamelessly ask – where were you 20 years ago? – Oh Ugandans, have we sunk so low? Have we no shame at all? For 20 years we were right here – yes, here, separated by the narrow banks of a river, and right there, that was our security. Did we fight as hard as we fought in Kisangani? Never! Instead, we devoured Congo, and looked on as Kony devoured life. Now we blame America?

In the past 2 days, they (even though we know it’s not all of America) have done more to expose Kony that we ever did in over 20 years – and we have the guts to stub hypocrisy-laced jabs at them – because we are so myopic, and selfish, all we now care about is Oil and Minerals in Karamoja. Isnt it this same selfishness that afforded us a night to sleep, as long as we were south of the River? I hold in the highest contempt, and displeasure every single one of you, who did nothing – nothing so much as to create a simple, even 10 minute video, that would leverage global connectivity and share the story of Kony. Shame on you all. I guess, i should say, shame on US all!

Yes, that’s for watching the first 10 minutes, Now i will go back to the video…and get back to you later!

One thought on “KONY 2012 – Take 1

    BERNARD OPWONYA (@Opwonyapaokol) said:
    March 10, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    Gwe, u can’t be serious. You get down to write after just watching 10 mins of a 30min video? Surely!!! The issue is the simplicity of the video, simplifying complex issues, presenting the past as though it were the present and taking the viewers as thinking like a 5-year old. Adddress these, stop grandstanding.

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