KONY 2012 – Take 2

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So i have watched the rest of it, and am now back. At about 14.00 and the next 20 seconds, its clear America will not get involved if their Security or Financial Stability is not at stake. So what? Can we fault them for that? Or is it because we hallucinate in the same subconscious naivety most of Africa had when Obama ascended the presidency. Even then, we grapple with reality and take it out on Americans?

I have been part of Watoto Child Care Ministries, and i was fortunate to be a part of a team that has toured Canada and US. Simple, the mission, tell them about our plight, and ask for help. When we (Watoto Church) didn’t know how to solve the crisis of a parent-less nation, Gary M Skinner, did the same thing that this young man has done. Find a genius way to tell the story, and be humble enough to ask for help. To this day, some of the first children rescued by Watoto are now employed, most are at University, and they are giving back. Back to the cause that rescued them, so that cause can rescue others like them.

We didn’t fold our hands over half hearted efforts, and though Gary, originally from Canada was the brainchild, Ugandans, have now picked it up, and run with it. But the message is still outside there. And guess what, the help keeps coming.

There is nothing exaggerated in this video. All you have to do is go to Watoto’s Village in Gulu – Laminadere, and there speak to some of these children. If you still fear to cross Karuma, pick up the DVD – RESTORE TOUR – and hear from 2 “invisible children”, one of them fathered by Vincent Otti! This is the reality – Is someone going to say Watoto Child Care Ministries is up in Laminadere for the minerals?

Isn’t it a shame, that we cant mobilize young people to give as small as 500 UGX, for a cause as painful as this? Yet, we now cry foul, over hundreds of thousands of young people from allover the world, coming together to support this? Just because, co-incidentally, the US Army happens to be in Gulu? The guys says his work started in 2003 – and we crucify his efforts? Ofcourse we do, we have no idea how many sacrifices an american has to make to spend nights in Gulu…we simply assume, that because they are american, its simple!

What has the government done? Not the US Government, dwat! The Ugandan Government – what?  Exactly what that nears the efforts of this fellow, and his legion? Run to the ICC? Really? Seriously?

We fault Baraka Obama for finding it a “worthwhile investment” to send troops to Uganda, to totally wipe out Kony, after these guys went from one senator to the next, sharing their hearts out for Uganda’s Invisible Children. Unarmed Troops that had only one asset – connectivity and technology – which they leveraged greatly. C’mon Ugandans, we are so shamed, we are now angry! Perhaps angry that we were beaten to our own game…

I am amazed at their strategy – target culture influencers, and policy makers! As long as you buy them over, why would you fail. Lets see, what did Uganda ever do to make Kony famous, so that what he does would known the world over? Half the time, the Ugandan army was wondering if the latest massacre was theirs or Kony’s…photos that made it to the media were half the story, the other half, its in the eyes and ears of invisible children!

But you see, when have Ugandans ever demanded anything of their government?

We cheer when roads are fixed, as if its a favour. We are used to drug-less hospitals, and its OK for money to disappear. When have Ugandan policy makers ever made a statement? 12Bn goes to Stationery at State House when 7Bn is needed to ensure Nodding disease can be controlled, forever. And what do Ugandans do? We sit back, take it easy, wait for our turn, at the national cake… When have we ever DEMANDED that something is done about anything? So how can we possibly understand the machinery of mobilization that PEOPLE can be? How could we ever understand it, except glean from the number of views that this video now has…over 2 times the entire Ugandan Population!!!

That is PEOPLE POWER – and that, is greek to us, back in Uganda. Until, we understand it, we will never be able to fathom what Invisible Children has done – let alone what they have been through, after all, for 20 years, we didn’t really care.

And now, we don’t know how to care, and we are too ashamed to be taught, by ghosts – no, not ghosts, Invisible Children!