CSI in Kampala

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Work with me on this one, we know the drill, right?

“Hello 112”

“This is 112 – Police Emmergency” 

“Hello, there’s been a shooting, its outside my shop here in Luzira. these KCCA people”

“Dispatch Kampala South East, Shoots Fired, Armed KCCA units Reported, Luzira, Business Area…”


and it goes on, as officer and by-stander try to recreate the scene of the recent Luzira Shooting. Fast Foward to a Police presence, that is equipped to near levels as popular TV Drama Crime Scene Investigation – CSI-NY; and you have yourself a conundrum…

1. Who is Komakech? Does he have any history of Violence? Let alone, armed violence?

2. Was there Motive to shoot?

3. Was there motive to shoot to kill?

4. Which Gun did Komakech have on that day? Under who was it registered? When was it purchased? From Where?

5. Which gun fired the killer shot? 

6. Whose finger prints are on the gun that fired the killer shot? When were these lifted?

7. How many rounds were fired?

8. How many shells were recovered from the scene?

9. Where was the shooter standing when the killer shot was fired?

10. where was the vic when the shot got to them?

11. Were there any rounds recovered from the scene of murder?

12. Are the striations on those rounds consistent with all rounds fired from the killer weapon?

13. Is it possible there was another shooter not recorded on media footage?

14. Is it possible the killer bullet was stray? – Oh BTW Ugandans, there is such a thing as a stray bullet

15. Was all the evidence gathered from the Crime Scene?

16. Is the escape car, part of this evidence? If so, is it at a Police Station?

17. Has the Killer bullet been recovered from the victim?

18. Was the shot itself fatal, OR was it the results of the shot, like bleeding to death?

19. Can we rule out infection of the gunshot wound being at all a cause of death?

20. How big was the Crime Scene? How insulated was it from public intereference since sunday?


In CSI, answers to these questions would take even a couple of weeks, and quite foreseeably, DPPs would be itching to get their hands on the ‘evidence’ to be able to press charges – and rightly so appease the masses. The procedures to answering these questions are quite meticulous, intentional and usually thoroughly conclusive.

All manner of skill, expertise and equipment are placed on display, usually, the state (of New York) will win the case on scientifically accurate, forensics evidence, and the lawyering on probable cause and motive is greatly helped by this evidence.

I wonder, DPP has already pressed charges for Murder – but i dare ask, how many of those 20 (and possibly more questions) can the Investigative department of Police, conclusively answer, right away. (Since Sunday).

I wonder, can we have a CSI in Kampala?


One thought on “CSI in Kampala

    Marion said:
    January 25, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    Kyaba Too Scientific…. question is do we have forensics and is it something that so called investigators in Uganda are willing to look into … CSI sets a picture of forensic experts who by all means no what they are doing( i know it is staged) but it does look every bit professional, that said… will we need another CHOGM to send our police abroad to study forensics and yet we have a whole division (CID) dedicated to do just that. I beg to ask… are those officers trained and if so is it question of lack of man power or like u say does the DPP hold all the power as investigations proceed??

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