Company X-mas Party – Reloaded

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She was a tick gal in school, one that I secretly hoped to date, at some point in my sole miserable life. I didn’t quite get why Sarah was at our Staff party, but our light history, mostly privately dreamy, broke the ice easily. 2 kids later and excuse for a marriage, Sarah never gave up on life. She was here as an invited guest. I felt like the gods were smiling down on me.

Time check? 3pm. The charcoal grills are in, and being the foodie that i am, i am not stranger to marinades, pungent and fresh. I am also in a supervisory role, so i get to make sure everything is in order. Drinks Chilled, and i review the environment, to make sure everyone will have a great time.

For some reason, there’s lots of people, and the wardrobe variety is not one bit disappointing. Jeans are fitting, and cleavage is inviting. a few woody scents, and the excruciating pungent of an a neanthal in our presence – but somehow, there is enough optical nutrition to make up for social misdemeanors.

When i bumped into Sarah, i felt that prime youth force to plant a sumptous kiss on her lips, then i remembered that mine were mostly high-school fantasies.  Joyce is from the NorthWest. Typical, if u ask me. Bright yellow, orange, white and Nazarene sandals, and i just smile to myself. She smiled back.

For some reason, Prof. did not get the cue on what to wear – absolutely thoroughly disgracing all my preparation efforts, with one thing only – his outfit. His assistant quickly saves the day, “happy new Year”. I excuse myself thinking, its not even as close.

The music in on now, somehow, the parking lot has turned into a dance floor, and am content to make notes on more accurate DOB of my collagues,  atleast based on their dance moves. Emma is the ladies man, and its easy to see why. Bridget is a damsel in distress, and bottles of Bell seem to be calming her nerves. I make a mental note to check on her gain in an hour’s time.

Glass refills, by amateur waitresses, in between heavily booed speeches, and i just think the MC chose the wrong time to let the bosses speak. but anyway, I keep a tab on the only thing worth my attention – this lady. Its not like am expecting anything more later tonight, its just that, spending the evening with her, and making sure to get noticed will score me some much needed points.

Yet Juliet remains elusive, bringing me a stick of pork ribs, and when i turn around, she is cajoling my nemesis. There’s more fish in this sea, so am off to find my crushes from HR department, and that other gal from Front Desk. Generally the party is what you would call “off-the-hook”, everyone is smiling, drinks and food flowing, until something unusual happens.

Its a fire alarm – loud, piercing and screeching.

Then I wake up. Stupid alarm…


2 thoughts on “Company X-mas Party – Reloaded

    tarsha said:
    October 19, 2012 at 6:39 am

    wow its intresting to know wat goes on in a mans mind wow.

    Bridget Nakijoba said:
    January 9, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Kale Bryo u r SICK in the HEAD!!! …………


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