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Its end of the year again, Christmas Vouchers, someone leaving, someone joining, financial news winding up, and for a University, Exam -marking is a typical time-hoarding activity. But somehow, there is also time in there for a half day detour – a company christmas party.

Just got me wondering, how really is a company christmas party supposed to be like? Whats atypical of deep-fried meats and good-jolly speeches? Whats really special about forking out these dimes, just to wish everyone a good christmas – email and twitter could’ve done that already!

There is the occassional front desk desk staff member, who comes in pimped up. There is the techy support staff who never gets off his phone, and the academic talker who decides to hoard the chessboard.There is the surprise guest – usually a spouse of an unsuspecting colleague, and the unexpected baby of the chic who sits in that other department – wow, she’s grown!

There is the department head who didnt quite get it – about the casual dress code, and the least competent MC (especially when you dont really have a  specific PR machine at your company). There is the smiling boss, who comes in late.

And then there is UMEME…


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    Marion said:
    December 20, 2011 at 8:18 am

    Eh … no fun at this party?!!!

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