MTN Kampala Marathon 2011

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These are Official results – 

Results for: Brian Ssenoga in MTN Kampala Marathon (27/11/2011)     Chip Code: 22896

Over All: 3229 out of 10737



This is my first ever marathon – and my 3rd attempt to jogging out an entire 10Km, so take my results in context! i had alot of fun, and i did enjoy the experience – but the question that most of us are still trying to answer, is why did i run? 

Was ir really for fun? Certainly – i did enjoy the (de)motivational delusions of the average Ugandan – most surrounding attempts to cash in on the prize – loan defaulters, rent defaulters – and ironically, Onesmus did win the money, so i guess his landlord will not be “just imagining” when he comes to pick it up. A bunch of supposed Buganda loyalists chanted onwards of 9000 sq kms, as a few alleged those taking shortcuts were akin to a few troubled government hot shots. As to the plethora of dressing exhibited, there was no end to imagination.

I did run for health – to an extent – and i did achieve that. I certainly feel better. I have since realised that beign fit and able to carry your weight thru the gruelling stretch around Protea Hotel does nto necessarily account to having an healthy BMI. So i got work to do, if i wanna scale both.

Water for Amuria? Very Nobel Indeed – as noble as water for self! Yes, shameless Ugandans did make off with complete cartons of water, despite Abbey’s best efforts at announcing otherwise. I could not get myself to pick even 2 bottles – without watching over my shoulder to see there was enough fo rthe person behind me, yet i was equally disappointed with all the security available, something as simple as water hoarding would not be readily, easily, effectively and efficiently regulated! There was water, everywhere, only it made me see the reason why Amuria was chosen – safe drinking water is a whole new dimension! So Amuria, with thanks, receive!

Charity? I was a little stunned that Rwenzori wasnt sure who they wanted to give their Corporate Prize money  – the second one. Made me wonder off – how many charities do we really have in Uganda? And does a government health center qualify to be charity? Did they just want to sound “politically” correct? But wandering off on the charity thingie, do we really have charities in Uganda? People who are conduits of various support and help for underprevilidged ugandans, all for free? really? And they are good – as in genuine? Books check out? Duly registered with authorities? Not evading taxes? really?

Sights & Sounds – Now this was a good reason to run – 2 pregant women, a young lad riding a tricycle, a mom pushing a baby cart, a few dress downs and a lot of groans, moans and other sounds did make up for alot of the fun. The concert and award-giving ceremony did not disappoint much for Silk Events did a good job on the event Sound. 

The lows? Many, i didnt carry my camera – this is an eternal regret! 2. Because i didnt see u, i must’ve outrun you OR you were awol! 

Tell me, what did u see that was not ordinary…

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    Marion said:
    November 28, 2011 at 8:43 am

    Thanks for sharing. Things that i saw.. a man wearing a full leotard (vertical blue and green strips), some dude who looked a like a soccer fun from SA head gear and all. The “bolingo” dance that i have been hearing so much about. I must say had a lot of fun…and next year i intend to have a better time ..there really is a difference between a race and a marathon. Big up to all our UG winners, you make us proud. I am actually extremely proud of me!.

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