STAM FBT Training – Day 3

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Yesterday was a long day.  We covered 2 modules – Communicating FLOSS and Basic Business Skills.

The class, having come out of fresh-in-mind case studies on Day 2, were challenged to find ways to advocate for FLOSS. The goal of the session was to understand how to advocate for Free and Open Source software. How do we package the message? how do we package the message appropriately for each set of client we find.

In line with this class’ intention to write to the mayor, it was important to understand how to make FOSS a sufficiently functional alternative. How do you convince MTN, NSSF and a roadside shop keeper that they all can benefit from Open Source Software.

The class was pleasantly surprised when the afternoon shifted gears, from ICT to Business! And it was interesting to realize that not many ICT professionals are that good at Business. why? because we think its the same as programming. we do not seem to understand the dynamics of demand and supply; and we barely know how to write a decent business proposal.

At the end of the day, it was clear that its one thing to be an ICT professional and another to be a successful business person.

As the day came to an end, our desire was to be both, able to ” sell ” Free and Open Source Software as well as be able to see ourselves make money out of it – successfully.