FBT Training at STAM – Day 4

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Perhaps the beginning of the end is upon us! A thoroughly exciting and fulfilling week comes to close tomorrow. Am going to miss this group, and their characters.

James Wire has carried the day – challenging participants on becoming successful FOSS Entrepreneurs – how to set up, how to be appropriate, how to be relevant, how to present yourself and your solution. Highlighting the important, but often forgotten basics – information reconnaissance, planning, presenting yourself, and so on.

In James’ words, this group was far more ready to be inspired and challenged regarding Free and Open Source Software. And here uptake has been great. Today has been about business etiquette and how to carry yourself. What it takes to actually be a good sales man for your FOSS Business.

As i look through the room, its written all over their face – this has been the best training they have been to in a while. They are amazed, and informed and challenged at the same time. The discussion times are great and the questions can go on for ever. One participant revealed his worst entrepreneur day – he almost lost everything, and at the moment, was saved by the integrity of his character – the worth his networks valued him for.

The big desire though, and we better find a solution to this – participants have a strong desire to improve their expertise on the Linux Desktop! For me, perhaps, this is a good thing. Watch this space.

One exciting thing today – maybe 2 – each participant is the proud owner of a beautifully crafted T-shirt and a carefully thought out Open CD, complete with manuals, and free software.

Special Thanks: B Ssennoga, J Wire, M Mpanga and all STAM officials.


One thought on “FBT Training at STAM – Day 4

    Frank Okello said:
    May 6, 2011 at 8:08 am

    As i look through the room, its written all over their face – this has been the best training they have
    Indeed the training comes to the last day,despite the fact that starting day was raining,the participants showed that they had the zeal to make it to this day.Kudos to all the trainers,participants and the entire STAM management team that have made sure FOSS advocacy dream is realized.

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