FBT Traning at STAM-Day 2

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“Abundant Mentality” a catch phrase coined by James the trainer of the day had every participant scratching their heads and wondering how can i generate income from a product you say is “free” for all.

After a fun presentation punctuated with song, debate and questions the participants were convinced that they could indeed make a lot of money with FOSS using a vast range of business models including but not limited to offering Certifications, Training, Support and Maintenance, Software Development to mention but a few.

When it came to the case study discussion, they saw the presenter’s argument come to light with the different companies right here in African that have based their business models on some of the examples talked about in the morning.

Presentation time saw the participants giving their opinion on the  SWOT analysis of the case studies found in the manual. Group One had an interesting assessment of their case study, they said although their business model was excellent they still lacked integration and localization of services and products, they were also of the view that they needed to get into regional marketing to reach a wider market.

The trainer of the day concluded the session with this ” Expansion does not mean success or profitability.” He emphasized the need for proper planning in order to archive the desired goals set.

The day’s highlight was a business visit to International Health Sciences University, where participants had a chance to interact with Administrative staff and Students alike on the use of FOSS in this establishment.

Some participants noted a negative attitude from some of the people they interacted with and attributed this to lack of training and sensitization while some reported praise for the new system and applications in place. The University’s IT Manager answered their questions and put some of their suggestions into consideration.