FBT Training at STAM – Day 1

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School of Technology and Management, Nsamizi is a small institution, in a little known suburb of Western Kampala. If there is anything I learned from meeting the administrators, it’s the scriptural fulfillment of: faith the size of a mustard seed! For many people, this location and facility might not be considered prime. Many graduates might in fact be walking the streets looking for jobs, but STAM lies quietly in need of hands and legs!

Here, soft-spoken Steven Kaweesa steers a very delicate ship – an institution that needs better numbers to facilitate its funding into a word class facility – because, in my opinion, that’s all they need. The heart and zeal are already in abundance.

Enter ict@innovation.

The FOSS Business Models Training (FBT) teaches/equips participants with an understanding of the little known world of Free and Open Source Software. Importantly, how that behave well – financially – in that world! Implemented in part with FOSSFA, this In went supported series of workshops also aim to raise the awareness of FOSS in the country. STAM is baby steps.

Today was sombre and cloudy, and the morning was haunted by the biblical comparative of a nagging woman – constant dripping of water! But this could not deter the intermittent entry of unsure participants, indeed unsure of what the day was going to yield.

3 hosts, 3 Trainers, 16 participants and we had just the human contents of this recipe! This was and is going to be one to remember.
As the clock labored, #STAM_FBT tweets grew in number, but even yours truly could not keep with the excitement.

So the big question that stood out: Where is the money? How do you start to think of money in a business world where the first word is “Free”?! That question was ably handled when trainer Brian Ssennoga shifted gears, to elaborate on business models in a software economy.

Introduction to FOSS and emerging business models, is down and at the end of the day, it was both amazing and humbling – as the list for what participants had learned was populated: That Linux is safer, that there can be free software, that advocacy for free software is low, and so on, and so forth.

Perhaps the day’s highlight is the legislative assignment, this group of participants has resolved to write a letter to the Mayor, by the end of the training. To introduce the Mayor and challenge him towards embracing Free and Open Source Software.

Special thanks to Trainers: Mpanga & Okello, and Prime Radio 91.9 FM for the coverage on the 6 and 8pm news. More news tomorrow, photos too!


2 thoughts on “FBT Training at STAM – Day 1

    Frank Okello said:
    May 4, 2011 at 6:22 am

    Indeed FOSS concept was appreciated at STAM on day one.As a kick start,the FLOSS concept will be ambraced and fully advocated as the participants were able to acknowledge it.

    Robert Nkambwe said:
    May 3, 2011 at 9:08 am

    humble beginnings have always turned this World upside down; the humble disciples of Jesus, on whose legacy today millions hold their hopes, the birth place (Nazareth) of the world’s most revered Man and now comes Nsamizi where proponents of FOSS, the conduit by which the developing world is to be saved, are yet to born.

    Brian, Marion, and Okello,you are indeed the guiding star to the birth place!


    Robert Nkambwe
    Bugema University
    currently on +491639454892

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