Oh (all) for Pete’s sake…

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What were you doing up at 3 am, in order for you to know your votes were being stolen (or his being stuffed)?
And how come you do not have any individual arrested at that time? Yet you were there?

You insist voting started at 4am, were you there to confirm? If so, did you check the ballot box and it was empty? If not, why did you proceed with voting? If not, then recall your statement that voting began that early. You are just speculating, you are not any different from Election observers!

And why is it that after the stuffing, you now want one person disqualified? Oh give me a break, did you see him stuff? do you have any decent proof other than paranoia?

Am sorry but that is very cheap and defeatist. We all know that if your biggest rival is out of the race, then you can dream of winning it. simple, square!

And now to Kakooza:
What were you thinking? 1 year in campaigns? surely, do you people have any respect for humanity? Your own intelligence is insulted. Let me tell you how!
1. if your campaigns began in May 2010, thats not the fault of the constitution or the elections act. That tells me the quality of party you are. If thats when you consider they began, then you were not here.

2. if you need another year for “rules of procedure” it speaks volumes about your party’s lack of respect for structures and policies – some of which have been in place since 1962! If you have been in power the last 10 years and you still need a year for engage rules of procedure, then you are grossly incompetent.

3. Please talk to the hajj from Luweero, if what i saw in the press is anything to go by, i am vindicated for doubting his academic credentials when that case came up.

4. 7 years? For real? are you serious? Just so you use up one to campaign and one to engage rules of procedures? Are you for real? IMHO, i never heard something so ridiculous! Let me give you something to think about:
how long a term limit should be – 4 years, too little time to waste with bad laws, too little time to waste having elections over 4 weeks, too little time to waste not utilizing ICT tools to make Government business processes faster and more fool proof, too little time to waste driving from one workshop to the next, and instead using skype 4 meetings and document sharing.

You see, its people like you that make us hate NRM, its ideas like this that make Lybia so worth it!!!