Elections – 2011

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Its a very funny feeling i have – campaigns in Uganda, and especially in Kampala have never been so peaceful. Why am i so skeptical? Is it because i have never seen a Ugandan presidential candidates debate? if not in the next 3 days, then wait till 2016! Is it because the police has never successfully supervised a political demonstration? experience = 0! Or that the army cant really stay silent – even when its already clear we know their side.

My choice for mayoral candidate was greatly influenced by the NMG Mayoral debate, but why do i think our presidential candidates cant achieve such a feat?
And if civility is so far from them, should they grace the ballot at all?

If you are the 20 something year old incumbent, and you go around tellin people not to vote for the opposition because they lack experience, isnt it only fair that you do not battle using that weapon? Where else would they have ammased the experience were it not for you…

Also, if you go on Live TV and tell the masses, about how your opponent needs to prove – in 3 minutes – his education background, are you not suggesting, that petty is what you are!? Now we know who you fear the most, because thats who you fight, not so? Do you then expect us to take you serious, when other opponents of yours have a better grasp on issues?

Also, after seeing what has now become Phenomenal People Power as in the arab world, if i were a presidential candidate in the opposition, i wonder how i would tap into that…aint it just amazing what a united people can achieve? Imagine the drama of uniting over 30 tribes who speak over 53 dialects!?!?!

Oh Uganda, may God uphold thee…