Open Software Alternatives for Really Expensive Software

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The recent credit crunch has contributed to cost cutting for many businesses around the world some resorting to laying off staff  especially for countries in  the developing world  and the Super powers have not been an exception. I will give Uganda as an example we are so “proprietary software minded” we have been made to believe that software cannot be “free” and because most  businesses fall under the SME category we have resorted to software piracy. When we are told that the software can be obtained  “free” we are very skeptical about its quality and performance.

But what happens when MS or any other proprietary vendor comes knocking at your door accusing you of software piracy , is there an alternative to what has been the norm, can we stick to our desired quality and performance,keep our clients happy and  yet manage to keep our costs as low as possible? Like Obama’s campaign slogan YES WE CAN. This article lists 50 free alternatives  to the really expensive software we have become accustomed to using. After reading that you may want to come back here and read about  FOSS Migration from migrating applications to full Operating System change.