Ngong Road & the iHub

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The Nairobi sunset is always interspersed with cloud leaks – from the 4th Floor of Bishop Magua Center, they seem to compete for my attention. Thats if you are looking at the far end of the horizon. Quite near by, is a Big blue Ad – THINK BIGGEST, is pasted in bold white, you cant miss it even if you were blind. There is another 180 degree view but i have already picked my spot at the Nairobi iHub, and i will settle to tell you about Ngong Road.

It cuts to the West of Nairobi, dotted with a bunch of niceties like Uchumi, and Nakumatt (and all that usually piggy back along them), but am staying at the Hotel. Ngong Hills Hotel has been my abode the last 3 days, and will be the next 4, as I and a team of 7 other gentlemen are honored to develop an LPI Manual for Certification.

As you can imagine with all Open Source ‘things’ there is always somewhere to start from, and there is always something for free. Such as the super fast speeds at Ushahidi’s base. Free if you can keep your hands busy and useful and committed to benefiting someone else.

Inwent and ict@innovation have contracted me and 2 other Consultants to develop and LPI Manual, ideal for Certification as well as Training of Trainers. Its quite a job, especially when you have alot of free stuff lying around that you can pick from. I am honored to be in the presence of Chris Brown, a seasoned author, and Mark Clarke, an experienced trainer. Its possible to feel small even though i comprise the final third!

But thats not all, Trust Zifa, Bernard Angua, Ken Mutua and John Matogo, together with Evans Ikua compliment a team of passionate LPI enthusiasts. Our job is to make a guide, that you can benefit from. But thats from 8 to 5.

After 5, Ngong Road becomes something of a feat – the traffic to beat, the kenyan to admire and the meaty dinner to look forward to. Ngong Hills Hotel is strategically placed, iHub, Uchumi, a Bed and by the end of this week, an LPI Certification manual!