Drupal & FOSS – Hmmm!!!

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You have to read this – very slowly. Word for Word. Open source software is something you should start to think about – seriously!

Go go this Page. And when yo done, come back and read this:

With Google, IBM and Oracle involved, FOSSFA stepping up its open source capacity initiatives in Africa, the Malaysian government attaining 97% Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) compliance and the South African government having adopted an open source policy, FOSS implementation is the next big thing in IT and business! By 2012, OSS’s impact on application software will grow to $19 billion, with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 44% (Gartner, 2008). FOSS utilization is part of a new paradigm which involves integrated best-of-breed approach to software implementation being followed throughout the vendor landscape in which software-as-a-service, on-demand and co-sourcing models prevail. New business models and value offerings have surfaced to address not only classic cost challenges, but also derive value from community networks. FOSS has now matured to become a technology of choice to run servers, networks, content management and operating systems, business and office applications. The past decade has thus seen a significant increase in the use FOSS by businesses. This trend explains the general corporate drive towards leaner and more efficient operation in the midst of reduced IT budgets while the need to maintain the same functional capabilities remains consistent. Since majority of FOSS solutions have demonstrated lower cost of ownership and IT innovations (among many other advantages) compared to proprietary equivalents, more companies are now switching to FOSS to achieve their business goals.

Its my South African friends inviting you for a FOSS Business Models Training.

FOSS? Hmmmm…