10 best IT Certifications and Websites 2010

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Just as with many popular arguments — Red Sox v. Yankees, Arsenal v. Manchester United,NRM v. FDC, MTN v. Warid and Ford v. Chevy— IT certifications are popular fodder for debate. Except that certifications, in an IT professional’s microcosm of a world, have a bigger impact on the future. IT certifications boast numerous benefits. They bolster resumes, encourage higher salaries, and assist in job retention. But which IT certifications are best and hold the most value today?

The certification landscape changes as rapidly as the technologies you support. Here’s an updated list of the 10 accreditations and 10 certification Web sites with the greatest potential for technology support professionals, administrators, and managers seeking employment within consulting firms or small and midsize organizations.

The world of IT certification has changed considerably over the past several years, as the demands of the IT industry and the market for tech talent have shifted.

Special thanks to Eric Eckel a contributor to 10 things Tech Republic blog