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The Need: “My Boss is in dire need of a System that can be used to manage his Stores; It should be in position to handle supplies, invoices and stock management in general.The system should be available (downloadable) for testing, it can be free or at a cost(but after testing) which ever comes first. When I tried open searching on google…. Oooops i didn’t get any thing of sense….. ”

The Solution: “lookup Does what your looking for and is Open Source. You can also get commercial support if required.”

The Skeptic: ” I would want to assume your boss’s Company is unique. Its requirements and setting may not be the same as of any other Company around. This means that your system should function in a unique manner. It therefore will not be an off-the-shelf application/ system but rather an In-house/ incubated one, built to your specification. Get in touch with a developer and spell out your needs well lest you will have an insufficient system, then it will be developed for you. ”

The Sales Pitch: “In the world there must be, say, 100 million shops? They can not all be
unique. Actually, they work much better when they are not. Its easier to find
staff (because they know how shop1 worked, so they can easily adept in shop2.
Also suppliers and clients like to know how to interact with a shop. Like,
client pays, and then client gets a receipt. Same everywhere (in the world!)

Secondly, the processes when automated are quite difficult. It might be me, but
I find accounting hard.

Accounting however, is definitely the same everywhere. Else the URA would go
mad. (And that is also why so many people are trying to get their
international accountancy papers.)

So, as a result of this, there are a lot of companies or teams that built
software to manage a shop. openerp is  one of them. If you pay attention, you
can see almost all supermarkets in uganda use some sort of similar software.
There are actually about 4 or 5 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) packages in
every months ‘most active’ list of Looking through their ERP
section for something useful would be a good start anyways:[]=trove:577

Having said that, its pretty obvious that that is a pretty hard job. Hiring a
company with experience with one of these packages, and the underlying
techniques is not a bad idea at all. Great advantage of choosing a company
that supports open source packages, means you have the freedom to switch
company without switching the software. That must be a great comfort.

For the developers on the list: there is no way that 1 Ugandan developer can build
anything close to what a whole thriving global community of people can. (just
like 1 fin, or 1 Belgian or 1 American would not be able to do that.)
There is however, no limitation for any Ugandan developer to join any of these
communities and start contributing. I can assure you, that will pay of in the
end. ”

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