OpenOffice vs Microsoft Office

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Once upon a time, nonprofits that wanted a powerful, useful-friendly word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation package were faced with two options: Microsoft Office and … Microsoft Office. But over time, an open-source alternative,, has become increasingly popular, making it a viable, affordable option for organizations seeking a productivity suite.

Should your office consider OpenOffice? Will it make sense for your users and infrastructure? How do OpenOffice and Microsoft Office differ?

I have used both, and at Softsolutions we insist on So we will attempt to compare key features of the brand-new Microsoft Office 2010 Professional to 3.2, released in January 2010. We’ll look at their word processors (Microsoft’s Word 2010 versus OpenOffice’s Writer), spreadsheets (Excel 2010 versus OpenOffice’s Calc), and presentation tools (PowerPoint 2010 versus OpenOffice’s Impress).

There’s more to both office suites, of course. OpenOffice’s Base is similar to Access. OpenOffice’s answer to Microsoft’s Visio is Draw. OpenOffice offers an equation editor called Math, while Microsoft Office offers Publisher for desktop publishing.

check out this page for the details of this amazing comparison.

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