Change we Need

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First of all, am not really sure change is a good thing. Just why would I think its a great thing to change my- currently- great thing, with a futuristic great thing- which by the way I can’t really call great until the future becomes now and past, and the thing tried to live up to its greatness- never mind the eyes of the beholder…

It’s with such frustration that I missed exams, postponed a financial opportunity, rubbed a business relationship right side up, piled upon myself a load of work, might miss a nation’s conference. Sad, isn’t it?

this weekend has been full of adventure, piece after piece, especially reactions to G’s email. They have been variable- awkward silence, hilarious remarks, joyous sighs, and most of all, her mother’s heart-felt elation!

But the biggest change of them all is the taxi I will be taking home. They haven’t re-routed the road, or banned the ones I was using. It’s not a case of traffic diversion such as a bridge construction, or earth-quake related closure.

The taxi is actually the same, but the driver will be another.  I think he may not be as cunning as the last one, – weaving thru traffic fast n sure, raving maximum speeds on clear stretched- and I think the taxi might not fill as fast as the last one- in a refreshing 180 sec at rush hour!

This taxi will have to snake thru traffic, maneuver more pot holes, never see a clear rave stretch, and make a billion stops. Unlike the last taxi, I will certainly, as clear as the mouse yo holding to read this, be among the last to highlight. Can u imagine that?

But thats not all. I will also change the price of groceries. No, am not a trader, n neither am I a city regulator, am just a consumer. It’s like, I have brand new life instructions to shop here and not there, and thats how change gets to the prices. This change isnt just the big stuff, its also to such detail as, which flowers to place in the pot, and there a knife should be. It’s simply amazing. One moment, u are squashed in a seemingly stylish studio, the next, you are liberated in a larger than life landing.

But also, in the same weekend, I had to deal with another change- expected, but never always as real as when it finally happens. See, life is so much better in teams, n my team just got split. For a decade- 10, not so? Ok, its 10 days only, but hey, in my shoes, anything 10 right now, feels like a decade.  When your team isn’t full, what can u do? Half the work. How do u feel? Half the emotions, n sometimes, half of the effect of the same. What can you achieve? Half the results. And thats how I feel. Inadequate, especially because my team left me when I needed them the greatest.

The only thing I wanna change though, in addition to my income and the taxi back home? Hmmm, lets see… the floor, the bathroom, the curtain boxes, the kitchen, the dull paint, the closets, the government, the road to home, the office car, my phone, G’s age, my back pack, a certain lab policy, my school ideology…geez, change may not be bad afterall. Change Oyee!!!


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    Marion said:
    January 19, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Hmmmm…. am at a loss… not sure whether to agree or disagree but hey change can certainly be good sometimes or at least when u finally give in to it so embrace the change around you and with time you will actually find that you enjoy it like you say Change Oyee

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