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Am not lost for a career, this is more about my profession.

Company A has the potential to improve my cheque, the other, B,  doesnt seem interested.

Company A has tested me and I have passed, Company B has seen me in action, and they attest.

Company A has a day time 8 to 5 desk, Company B has a results oriented fluid work schedule.

Company A will offer me an opportunity to ground in familiar territory, Company B always cooks up something new!

Company A promises overtime hours…and B is as fluid as they come- i can work home on a Wednesday!

Company A has many staff, n is probably not too personal, Company B feels like a family of 7…

Company A is big brand in its core business, Company B is a low-key NGO!

Company A probably has fewer outside links, Company B has links to  the world, if they choose to!

Company A will probably be very strict with when i come in, Company B allowed me to come in late today after seeing a hurting friend in Hospital!

Company A might have more growth opportunities, in the structure, but like i said, Company B is a 7 man  NGO!


You dont even want to know about Company C- i quit 1 month after i was hired, it has taken me 10 months of professional philanthropy!

if there’s a letter before A, i would tell u about Company [ ]: beautiful, young, promising, a new area of professionalism, international operations, a really brilliant figure on my cheque n a great team of people so far! But it would have to come before letter A…

For now, the battle is between my heart, company A and company B….and since there’s you n God, I will wait for your reaction.