Terrible Week, Terrific G

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This week,

was interesting. I was on the wrong side of the law when it started, didn’t get to the right side till…(tomorrow hopefully) The law enforcers notwithstanding clearly shameful bureaucracy seemed sworn to the letter to teach me a thing or two about how to patiently and un-endearingly long suffer!  I endured a rocky week at work, following a disagreement with a colleague, ruffled a few feathers with my over zealous desire to help a struggling company, and for the most part walked in and out of office completely totally out of schedule.

I cant sigh any louder, for the fact that its over!

As i wait to execute my last piece of official duty, I cant help thinking its 10 days already since G made 2 months! Time, where does it go anyway? who keeps its schedule and how come they are so perfect? consistently perfect!?

Anyway, G is a very interesting person. she can laugh n cry in the same breath. she has no idea what yo needs yet once in a while, she will flash a cute smile. i wonder how she knows this makes up for all the bad she can be. Instantly! she just makes you forget you had a sleepless morning.

2 months, and the world hasn’t yet collapsed… can you believe it? am not that pessimistic, but really, just look at me. Who am I that You are mindful of me? its been pleasantly amazing, painstakingly rewarding and gloriously futuristic! if this is how quickly 2 months and 10 days goes by, i cant wait. sometimes its scary, G is simply never going to go away.

my days, all week were terrible, yet my nights were filled with hope. some kind of hidden satisfaction. the more i learn from her how to adjust to life, the more i hear her salient regrets at bringing her on late…

So terrific week? definitely not. Terrific two months n 10 days, hmmmm, for the most part terrific is an understatement. atleast g is more predictable than the world, and with her, i seem to have more control, afterall g. means  God Is My Strength.


One thought on “Terrible Week, Terrific G

    Marion said:
    November 18, 2009 at 5:31 am

    This lady must be something, you talk about her with so such love and tenderness, she is a joy to be hold and as they say you need to love a lady more and then try to understand her vise versa and you are in trouble. Keep God as your strength you will soar and ace this.

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