9 11 at 9 09 in 09

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i left home with a slight headache and decided i would brave the day and get into work only to knock!!! A few police statements and an angry victim of my apparent careless driving, my day has been badly interrupted and i feel bad about it. Moreover, the interruption has not made my misery go away. chapter 2 starts tomorrow, without fail!

But i have learnt!

To drive better? geez….did u know 80% of accidents caused on the road are caused by drivers with 5 or more years of driving experience? so No!

But i have learned to be careful… and to not rave till i got my space.

That a comprehensively insured car is such a deal…its like buying a mercedes- expensive but here to stay!!

to find out how to make a garage day experience count- learning the things i eventually need to learn.

that traffic department are as human as can be, at least they seemed impressed at my definition of the baganda-banyala description of who is who… and as such they beat jurisdictional constraints to still help me draft a much needed police letter!

that car garage experts and insurance claim officials are kinda like what the baganda call “kabwa na ngo”

now am working late….do i have a choice?